Anna TwomblyAunt ChristieBaa Baa Lou
Bad Hair DayBakers and FakersBasil
Big AlBlythe's Big Adventure (Part 1)Blythe's Big Adventure (Part 2)
Blythe's CrushBlythe's Pet ProjectBlythe Baxter
Books and CoversButtercreamCairo
Captain CuddlesCheep CheepClarissa Trent
Delilah BarnsleyDesiDigby
Dodger and TwistDoloresDoor-Jammed
Dumb DumbwaiterEight Arms to Hold YouEmma Hart
EstebanEve of DestructionFisher Biskit
FrenemiesGail TrentGailbreak!
GoldyHarold WinstonHeart of Parkness
HeidiHelicopter DadHubble
Jasper JonesJebbieJoey Featherton
John TrentJosh SharpLights, Camera, Mongoose!
List of Littlest Pet Shop 2012 episodesLittlest Pet Shop (TV series)Littlest Pet Shop 2012 show Wiki
Lotsa LuckMadame PomMadison
Mary FrancesMean Isn't Your ColorMeow-Meow
Min LingMinka MarkMissing Blythe
MitziMr. Otto Von FuzzlebuttOld Bananas
Olive ShellsteinOllie ArmsParker
Pawlm ReadingPenny For Your LaughsPenny Ling
Penny Ling's cousinsPepper ClarkPete
PhilippePrincess Stori JamesonRamon
Roger BaxterRussell FergusonRussell Up Some Fun
Scout KerryShahrukhShivers
So You Skink You Can DanceSteveSue Patterson
Sugar SprinklesSummertime BluesSunil Nevla
Sunshine SweetnessSweet (Truck) RideSweet Cheeks
TangierTerriers and TiarasThe Big, Feathered Parade
The Nest Hats Craze!The Treasure of Henrietta TwomblyTootsie
Topped With ButtercreamTrading PlacesVelvet and Cashmere
Vinnie TerrioWeberWhat's in the Batter?
What, Meme Worry?What Did You Say?Whiskers and Sideburns
Whittany and Brittany BiskitWiggles McSunbaskYoungmee Song
Zoe Trent
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